zombie survival log, day 66

We found over all, $53.57, a loaf of moldy bread, a can of beans, and some honey. there was about two times we had to hide because there were some infected and we didn’t want to shoot them because it would attract more.  We found no survivors but we found dead people. We’ll have to survive with what we have for one more day before we send more people out, but I’m might sneak out at night. It’s dangerous, the worst time to be outside, but I’m going to have to, to find more. I’ll write back tomorrow morning, when I get back. Till then, I’ll act like nothing. Oh, and there is going to be a lot of stuff that I need. A backpack; no light because it’ll attract the infected, well, actually I’ll bring one, as a distraction; and I’ll need a crossbow, one we don’t have. Guess I’ll have to use my machete. I’ll record more tomorrow morning, when I get back. 


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