zombie survival log, day 63

Today I finally fired my first shot guarding the stairs. It was a lone infected blond, high school girl who was wandering around the first floor. I shot her in the leg and then again in the head. Within seconds, all the survivors were around me and looking at my kill. One of the high school kids I was with volunteered to go down to look for more infected and check the girl for supplies and money, yeah, they had some small stores still running that were selling food, guns, ammo, armor, and medical supplies, but they weren’t selling anything for a low price. Bread was now $23 a loaf. Anyways, we found $16, a credit card, and a coupon to McDonald’s. We were about to pull him up till we heard a shot close outside. At first we thought it was a survivor, then as soon as I checked, I got my sniper and blew the head off that thing because it was an infected… and it had a gun. Well, seems like some know how to use guns. We’re screwed now. We should stay inside more now.


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