zombie survival log, day 62

Wow, it’s been 8 days since I last recorded anything. I’ve been caught up in all this guarding stuff that I forgot. Anyways, it’s been a slow week, not much has happened. We had three search parties go out to look for anymore survivors. We found two survivors and three days worth of food  and supplies. We didn’t really have to many infected pass, probably because we aren’t as close to downtown. we spent a while getting the survivors we rescued informed about everything.  Well, we didn’t find them; they found the search party. It was a middle-aged, redneck couple that was spending time with family here in downtown when the infection spread and they weren’t able to go anywhere. They drove here which is probably the reason they had all their hunting gear and stuff. They caught sight and ducked behind a car. As we were approaching, they came out with their guns pointed at us, and saw we weren’t infected, and relaxed. Well, we took them to our camp and got them informed. With them, we gained a camo hiking back pack, two hunting rifles with about 40 bullets each, a pocket knife, and two pairs of full camo hunting gear. Well, I’ll try to record tomorrow, if things go as planned.


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