zombie survival log, day 51

Well, we found shelter but now we are out of downtown. We are still pretty close, but still a good distance away. It’s a two-story house, we would never stay in a one story house or anything again, and we looked around for some food. We walked into what we guessed was a kitchen and looked into what we guessed was a pantry. It was almost completely empty, except for some bottled water, canned foods, and noodles. We were about to go upstairs with what we gathered when I realized, wait, this is a kitchen, and kitchens have knives, so I ran back down looked through all the drawers and on the fifth one, I found knives. I removed the drawer and took it up stairs with me. We all took one, put it somewhere, then tried to find out how to destroy the stairs. We’re still deciding, I’ll record again eventually, after the stairs are destroyed.


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