zombie survival log, day 37

Well, as we were walking off, a body fell down next to. I looked up only to have to quickly side step a second body that fell down. I looked up yet again to find a group of people looking down at me. I looked at my group one more time, and right before I looked up again, a bottle fell and shattered next to my feet. I found a note inside that read “we r sry 4 almost hitting u. We had to get rid of them somehow.” Ha I thought to myself, more teens. Well, I looked at the body’s again and realized that they were infected. Me and my group weren’t sure what to do so I looked at them, they looked at me, I looked up, pointed at them, they looked at each other, looked back down, nodded, I looked back at my group, they nodded, and just like that, I found me and my group walking into the building. You know, there are a lot more survivors than I thought there were, well, at least here.


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