zombie survival log, day 34

Well, I finally finished checking the building. Gathered a few supplies, I found evidence that there was already another group here before me which explains the whole, not many supplies thing. But I did find a backpack and a medium-sized rolling luggage so I can keep some weapons in there. Anyways, I got out the building, and right across the street, was a group of people walking around. I tossed a pebble in their direction to see if they were infected or not. They looked over my way, I hid of course and was looking at them through I window. they seemed alright so I walked out and approached them slowly….with my gun….pointed at them. They immediately got scared, but stood there not knowing what to do, they looked young so I asked the oldest looking how old he was and he told me he was 15 and the youngest was 11, wow, traumatizing. They told me they were walking around for about a month now with no weapons and little food and water so I immediately took them back inside the building and gave them some of my food, water, and a pistol. That left me with a pistol, a machete, and an AK47, oh yeah, did I mention I found a dead army dude with an AK with only like 2 clips left the other day? Probably not, well, I’ll get back to you guys tomorrow, have to find out more right now.


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