zombie survival log, day 19

Okay, I’m starting to think they don’t like me. Why, well, they knocked me out on Wednesday, and when I woke up today, my hair was covered in dry blood, there was a crowbar next to me, and, no one was home. I looked around and found a note that told me we they all had to leave and I was voted to stay behind, funny, I don’t remember a vote. Well, I got knocked out, I don’t think I’d remember. But still, they didn’t want to tell me. They also left me a shotgun, a sniper, two pistols, my machete, with about 100 bullets for each of the weapons, except the sniper, they only gave me 50. And they left me some canned food, my car, the keys, and a mad mob of infected outside the house. Lovely. Well. I’m a just sit down for a while, right after i eat, and, hey look, they left me big red. Alright, I’ll make it, no one can touch me….wait, a window just cracked, I’m going to the car now, with every thing they left me and going away, I’ll record later.


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