zombie survival log, day 182

Hey, sorry I haven’t recorded for a while, We have ourselves locked in a section of the ship, protected from the infected roaming around. It took me a while to realize it’s missing and when I did, I wasn’t really aloud out of the section for safety reasons. But hey, they finally let me out when I told them I was going to go out and kill some infected. So, I went out and got it. But it’s low on batteries, been turned on and off by survivors that couldn’t make it to safety in time, so you’ll hear them in the beginning of the tapes. Oh yeah, I have to tell you what happened. One of the people outside fighting got scraped while running inside. The infection took over at night, and he got up and killed a few more in their sleep, and they woke up the next day, infected. So here we are, in out little secluded section of the ship, hoping to survive. Record more later, g’night. 


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