zombie survival log, day 177 (part two)

Alright, well, I’m headed out for the side of the ship, to help fight. We have to go off to protect the people packing. We set up crates and sand bags and are going to hide behind them. I have a sniper, pistol, and a kitchen knife to protect me that the army issued me. Alright, I’m here. Now, we wait. The first shot has just been fired. The second, third. I have to look down my scope, they’re to far away to just shoot no scope. Haha, head shot. I got the third fourth kill. I see the horde, going to shoot whatever I see, in the head. I only have 100 bullets though, and they gave me a one shot sniper… Sorry, again, one shot sniper, gotta make it work. Everyone is shooting now, they all see them. Well, I’ll just leave this on, and continue on, without saying much. Talk to y’all when it’s all done.

We’re retreating, there’s to many, to close. Everyone is getting back on the ship now, and I’m towards the back, still trying to kill some. Sounds like they got their first man.


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