zombie survival log, day 175

Could it be? Is this really true? We found the ship, finally. It’s right there, just as they described it. The USS Lexington. It’s Monday, that means that we made it with around four days left. They leave 12:00AM Saturday. We should be able to hold off till then. Well, I’ll have to put this away for a while, they are checking everyone up front, for cuts, injuries, or electronics. I’ll record again in around an hour. Bye, I’m up.

43 minutes later

Alright, well, we’re on board. They didn’t do much, just checked us quickly for cuts, but for the check, we had to take off our shirt and our pants, they Wanted to make sure that we had absolutely no cuts or stuff like that. They wanted to make sure absolutely no one had the chance of being infected and spreading the virus on board, so they took us to a separate room, and checked us. They issued us a tent up on top of the ship, towards the front. If we survive the next few days, we’ll be fine. And hey, we have the army protecting us, there isn’t much that could happen. I’m just surprised that for a place so big, noisy, and bright, there aren’t very many dead infected out front.


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