zombie survival log, day 170

OK, well, they told us that it’s not safe to be out there. The same stuff that everyone else would probably tells us. They also asked why we were outside and we told them we were walking along the port/coast looking for a boat or something to go on. They told us that they heard that over at Corpus Christi, there was a navy vessel. The USS Lexington or something like that. They said that people said the army would try to get it running again and that by the end of April, they were going to leave port, if not sooner. They told us that if all that is true and we really wanted to catch it, we better get going. We told them thanks and headed off towards our group which was still pretty large, and then when we reached them, we set off towards Corpus. We are still going along the coast, that’s why you can hear the waves in the background, but it’s very risky. Well, get back to you guys tomorrow.


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