zombie survival log, day 156

It’s, uhh, been some time since I last recorded. 35 days or something like that. My recorder ran out of batteries, and you don’t know how hard it is to find batteries on a zombie apocalypse. Anyways, I’ll just give y’all a brief summary about what happened. We found the survivors at the Wal-Mart, got surrounded by some infected, got into a house, got on top of the roof, got rained out for a while, got back to base, found out that the helicopter came back and got more people leaving us with just over 30 people, we changed location to a bigger, more spacious house, moved again and left the city, found a map, voted to start to move towards the coast, attacked by a few infected, spent the nights in different houses, and  right now, we’re inside another house waiting the night out. We’ll move again tomorrow, and if the map is correct, right now, we should be in Luling. Supposedly, they have the best BBQ.  Well, that’s about it. I have to go, I’m being called to take a vote on staying for a few days and sending out a search party, or continuing. Bye, I’ll record more later. 


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