zombie survival log, day 3

Well, it was a group of friends outside waiting at the door, only one wanted to call my name, others thought it was to risky. I un-nailed the barriers and let them in, then quickly put them  back up. There are now 6 of us my self included, hiding. They had their own supplies and weapons, but I still had to get one. I climbed out of the second story window through a rope I drooped out, which was quickly pulled back up. One of my friends, John, threw me a pistol to use while I walked down to my car. On the way, there was a relatively low sighting of the infected. I got to the store, and as I expected, there was no one there. Most of the guns and stuff where taken, but behind the counter, I found two more pistols, 30 rounds for each one, and a machete. I quickly gathered the supplies and walked out to my car. I arrived home only to find 4 of the infected trying to get through. When I pulled up, they quickly turned their attention to me, so I pulled out my pistol and shot each in the head. I quickly climbed back up the rope which was down, told everyone i was back, and went to sleep. I woke up like 30 min. ago, 6:00 and found a note that said “Hey, we went out to gather supplies, we should be back in an hour, signed by Marcus, at 4:05. well, I got to head out and look for them, if I don’t report back tomorrow, I have been caught, and became an infected.


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