zombie survival log, day 85

Well, we’re a day late, but we’re okay, there aren’t very many infected around here. We found two of the 6 guys that went missing, they claim that they were attacked while sleeping and didn’t have time to all get up and run. They said that they tried to hold them off so the others could run but there were to many so they had to run. On the way back, I noticed that one of them had a cut so I asked where he got it from. He told me they hopped a fence and he got cut on the top. I shrugged and we continued. We were making great time until we had to stop because one our scouts rolled his ankle. We took shelter in an old house for the night then continued on slowly, and that’s why I am a day late. Anyways, we found $11 all together, the scouts that went missing lost all the supplies they gathered, but we got a few cans of beans. When we got back, the two survivors were rushed to some high school kid that says he has a bit of medical experience, and I walked to one of our top teens. He told me that while we were gone, we got a signal from some people over the walkie-talkie but lost it fast. He said it sounded like a dad and a young girl, and that they lost the signal when over the walkie-talkie, we heard glass break, we tried to get them back but there was no response, and now we are surfing the channels of the walkie-talkie again. I’ll record more later, bye.

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